Looking for the impossible. 26 Jan 2010

Looking for the impossible

There’s no doubt about it but good people are hard to find. The question though is whether it’s truly an impossible task. The January 2010 issue of HR Matters delves into this topic because I keep hearing people tell me over and over how hard it is to find good people, how hard it is to get the right people for the right roles.


I spoke to Kelly Dingee who is completely well versed in targeting the elusive candidate and we did a piece well worth the read in this issue. Kelly is a Sourcing Researcher and a Technical Writer with AIRS, a Company of the RightThing, an enterprise recruitment process outsourcing provider based in the US. AIRS provides recruitment training. Kelly argues that we need to do our homework and understand what the role involves. Doing so would put us on the right track.  How well do we do our homework? Are we willing to go all the way to understand what the role requires, the type of person best fitted for such a job specification, and where it is we need to look to get in touch with these people?


But what I really want to focus on here is corporate websites. The state of play in Malaysia is sad. Most corporate websites are a sad reflection of our ideas as to what the internet’s role is in our corporate endeavour. Websites do not keep the end user in mind. When some companies decide that they want to get themselves a corporate presence online, they go completely flashy with not enough substance. You dont want to spend time waiting for pages to download. Broadband penetration is not particularly high and we need to keep this in mind when we design our sites, we need to make things easy to locate, easy to view and a breeze to go through. And then there are others who are clearly unsure about what it is that they want their sites to achieve, presenting static stale information, some of which is outdated or inapplicable.


I believe HR has a role to play here in getting better acquainted with what the internet is about, what it offers and what it’s capable of offering them. You have a goldmine at your fingertips.  To better brand your organisation, to better track how your organisation is being viewed, to better understand how talent is viewing your efforts, to better track and locate good talent, to attract talent to your brand and website and corporate initiatives. But in order to do this,you need to understand your tools and the space you are in.


Time and time again, the people who have used this space effectively and productively say that to ignore this channel is death in view of the fact that everyone else is already factoring in this channel as part of their everyday efforts. Do you even know what it is that you’re missing?


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