the essence of leadership. 17 May 2010

the essence of leadership

Leadership means many things to many people. Sometimes, it gets confused with what good management is all about. Are you a good leader when you listen well? Are you a good leader because you embrace a servant-like quality in your approach? Is it your decisiveness or your bold innovative ideas? Is it taking a stab at something when others dare not or is it the courage to speak out when silence seems a more comfortable notion?


I think we can make it as complicated or as clear as we want it to be. Undoubtedly, there are many facets to what good leadership entails. There are many reasons why we should lead, and as many for why we sometimes need to follow. Knowing when to take what particular course of action is the key then. Google the word and you come across a plethora of search results and video postings.


Can we really distill it down to a science? Are there really clear answers?


When I think of good leaders and what good leadership is supposed to be, I think of people who know themselves. Who know what they are good at and what they are not. Who know when to step up and when to bow down. Who have a calmness and assuredness in what they bring to the table, who are willing to take risk and challenge things. For themselves and for others. Who are unafraid.  Courage and perseverance among other qualities. A good leader, I believe, needs to be in touch with who he is, in order to truly lead. You cannot lead from a position of fear, of ignorance, not truly.


Anyway, I’m hoping to get some clarity myself this Thursday when we run the Leadership Forum at the Star Auditorium.  Am pretty excited at the number of people interested to come for this gathering and am hoping that it can be a truly interactive and good learning experience for all. I hope to see many of you there!


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