Call it as it is. 25 May 2010

Call it as it is
Are you happy, productive and fulfilled where you are? If you’re not, what are you doing about it?


You’ve got to call it as you see it. When you are true to yourself about exactly what you feel and what you want, then you can take positive action about it.  If you are unable to see what is right in front of you or if it’s too painful to deal with the reality that you don’t want to acknowledge, then nothing changes. And you need to be prepared as to what that means.  It means that you will be stuck where you are. Things may take a turn for the better, or for the worse. The point is that, any development is out of your control. You’re just on the receiving end of things, your emotions up and down depending on what you’re faced with.

Taking charge, seeing what you need to see, is painful no doubt. It means a call to action for perhaps some things you’d rather leave well alone. It requires work. And at times, it will mean failure. But positive action will give you a sense of control, take away any sense of helplessness you may feel about how a situation is developing.


At the recent Leadership Forum that we held at the Star Auditorium last week, I made it a point when welcoming the participants to note that we need to really take stock of where things are for us. And decide on what is important for us because we certainly cannot handle everything.  Do you know what you want to manage at work? Do you feel in control of what’s in front of you? Are you happy with how things are progressing in your workplace and in how your programmes are moving ahead? Do you believe that things can change?


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