Earning a Seat at the Table. 27 Sep 2010

Earning a Seat at the Table   We just finished off, with the recent HR Toolkit Forum. It ran on 22 September. The event was about putting HR in the driver’s seat. Frequent feedback from many HR practitioners that they didn’t feel part of the strategic team led us to conclude that this was something they desired. Yes, we all want to feel part of something bigger. Part of something that matters. And to some extent, in control of what is before us.


Well, the first step, we reckoned, was understanding the landscape. Consider who it is that you are dealing with and the circumstances. In other words, understand the people and the situation.


Weng Lin, from Leaderonomics, was one of the speakers at the Forum. He came to talk to us about what the business needed from HR. One of the more compelling points he made was that sometimes, we dont see the shifting world. We are, in such circumstances, much like a frog sitting in a pot of cold water over a very slow fire. One day, you find, its suddenly too hot and too late for you to do much. One day, you find, you’ve gotten yourself into such a state that its too hard to drag yourself out of the sorry mess.


I’ve spoken to people who felt that way. The mess may not be of their making sometimes. So it makes it easier for them to distance themselves from the problem.


Ever got into this situation? Ever felt one day, that the problem just suddenly seemed much bigger than it originally appeared?


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