How Many Does It Take? 28 Sep 2010

How Many Does It Take?    I started off the morning too early. Two doorbell rings at the crack of dawn for me, was enough to do me in. I organised the cleaners to come weekly but they were not coming at the appointed time. Today, not only did they come at the “please do not show up at this ungodly hour again” time, they also came when they weren’t called.

Now I was certainly happy to continue using these cleaners …..if I could only get them to follow through on what they said. I called them up and spoke to their manager. It’s always best to speak to a decision maker for these things. So you get right to the heart of things and get movement very quickly. And movement I got very quickly indeed, but sadly, not quite the end result I anticipated.


The conversation went downhill quickly.  The manager chose not to listen to me. He offered solutions, for example, that they could come at a later time. I argued that the morning slot we agreed on worked fine for me. What I needed was for them to stick to the time agreed. His staggering response- We can’t do that. We have more than 80 cleaners here to manage… We can’t come at the time we agreed on. 


And then he hung up.


What’s the point I make? Well, firstly, this guy is not interested in ensuring that the service meets your needs. My guess is that many people have been at the receiving end of such service. A cleaner who comes along when he wants to. No worries, thank you, about your own schedule and commitments.


He has a cleaning company, he sends the people out to do the jobs, that’s it. Clean and simple. Second point, he has 80 cleaners. Business is brisk and he is in demand. Perhaps he might take a different view of my situation if he had 10 cleaners instead.


And so my question is – how many does it take before a person realises that he cant lose the business? How many does it take before he realises that he doesn’t want to lose the business?


Have you ever been in a similar situation, either at the giving or receiving end? What am I missing here?


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