10 Tip Series for HR. Tip#3. Focus on results, not process.

Tip 3. Focus on results, not process.
Two weeks ago, HR Matters Magazine  ran a very interesting closed-door HR Roundtable for a select group of senior HR practitioners. It was an invitation only breakfast thing which we did together with Stepstone Solutions. We talked about why employer branding matters and how organisations are using social media as part of their talent acquisition efforts. Some of the conversation touched on Facebook and how some companies get into it, and then shut it down. The issues seemed to centre on the degree to which an organisation could control something that was potentially not within their control. Let’s face it, you pull the plug on the internet access but people will move to mobile devices. Which is fully within their control and access.  So exactly what are you controlling here?

There will be an article on this in our January 2011 issue but the point I want to make here is that many times we feel the need to control. HR can take a heavy handed approach to control especially since we are the go-to person for rules and regulations and conduct and handbooks etc. But when you do this, the focus is somehow changed. Dont you agree that most times, you aren’t really bothered about where a member of staff may be if they are late? What you’re upset about is that you may feel that they are slacking off instead while you are hard at work.

Scrap this thought.

Once you go down this road, it’s hard to stop. And you begin to micro manage and more importantly, you’re no longer focused on results. You have now focused on the frilly bits like how much time someone appears to be doing work or where he may be heading off to. Or how long she took for a coffee break.

Who cares? Has she delivered? Is the project on time? That is what is important.


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