Menu-driven thinking

Robert Wendover of the Centre for Generational Studies introduced me to the concept of menu-driven thinking the other day.

Menu-driven thinking is something that many of those who are coming of age in the workforce are doing. They have learned to use ‘choice-based methodologies’ for their day to day decision-making. Making decisions from choices before you, can be limited as least in so far as to the options you see before you. Making decisions this way may also appear quicker but you have to question whether they are better.

This sort of thinking also raises the question whether you might have drawn up the shortlist of choices or have it foisted unto you. In which case, wouldn’t it be better to open yourself up to a bigger range of possibilities?

While menu-driven thinking has its benefits, I believe that the better way to approach any big issue would be to critically evaluate it and come to terms with it yourself. There are no quick answers. There are also usually no black and white answers, just varying shades of grey. Thinking through the issue, looking at past experiences, relying on your gut, talking to others who might know more or have experiences they can share — these are some of the things that could make an impact on your decision-making. These are some of the things that should make an impact. It shouldn’t be from a drop-down list.



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