Review of The Why Cafe by John P Strelecky

I’ve just read The Why Cafe by John P Strelecky and reviewed it.


This book is inspiring. The author’s style is very easy going ?? you really feel that he speaks to you. This is also the kind of book you can complete in one sitting.  The writing is clear, flows well and is succinct. There is no table of contents though; so, it’s hard to get a feel for what the story might be about. But you do know from the inside flap that the author intends to touch on three major issues : Why are you here? Do you fear death? and Are you fulfilled?


And that is enough really for a decision on whether you want to read the book through or not. A man is in a hurry. He is intent on refueling before moving along on a road trip but finds sustenance of a different kind along the way.  He stops at a cafe and the cafe menu lists three questions that all diners are encouraged to consider. The questions as listed above. This is what grabs you on the inside flap.  It makes you stop and think. What do you think? Why are you really here?


The book is excellent for realigning you and making you stop and reconsider. It’s very easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of daily life. To be completely immersed in the daily goings-on of your children’s lives or your careers and lose sight of where you want to be or even who you want to be. The fact however is that who we are sometimes is very different to who we want to be. Sometimes we need to get away for a while to realign, sometimes we need to meditate, or read particular books or be open to new experiences. Whatever it is that we need, we sometimes are required to make a complete full stop on our lives and reassess where we are, what we are doing and where it is that we want to be. This book helps us in that.


It talks about our PFE or our Purpose for Existing.  The argument the author makes is that the most fulfilled people are those who know their PFE and do what it takes to fulfill it.


I recommend this book because it’s an excellent book to really make you think about what you are about and what you want to be.  One of the more interesting stories in the book relates to a story about a guy who had a recurring dream about a tough golf shot. He was not too great a golfer but in the dream, he had some pretty challenging shots to make.  His frustration would peak and his stress levels go up and he would wake from his dreams in a sweat. Until the night that, while in the dream, he was suddenly aware that he could just pick the ball up from whatever challenging position it was in and place it wherever he chose.  And that made all the difference for him.  The fact here was that no matter what the situation presented, we have control over every moment of our lives.


Perhaps that can be too much of a responsibility for some of us. It places too high a burden. But for some, it can be terribly liberating to know that we have choice. That we can adjust to other people’s influence and pressure or we can go with what we believe is relevant and important to us. And so for this guy, the message in this dream changed his life. And whenever he encountered something that was unsure or that he didn’t like, he merely had to remind himself that he could move the golf ball. Imagine that!


Do you feel that you can move the golf ball? Do you feel that it’s yours to move? Can you see the golf ball in the first place?


Title : The Why Cafe
Author : John P Strelecky
ISBN-13: 978-0974362090

Publisher : Aspen Light Publishing


Reviewed by Rowena Morais

Reviewer for



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