10 Tips to decompress. Tip #1. Slow down

To decompress is to relax or more precisely, to relive of pressure. We all need to do that sometimes. Some of us work well under pressure and some do not. However, what is clear is that even if we do work well under pressure, it’s not likely to be a permanent state of things. So, today, I will start a 10 Tip Series on How to Decompress. It’s more a guide to myself really – a written reminder I would like to keep somewhere since there are times that I feel it to be more of a permanent state of affairs for me.
And these I’ve tried in many guises over the years — so I know they work!
The trick is to remember them at the time you most need it and have a sense of awareness about you.
Resist the urge to rush along with the tide – it can be very easy to get swept with the emotion of things.
Break it down into steps if you need to.
The panic attack somehow abates when you consider everything slowly, in your mind and your person. Physically slow down too.
Slow the breathing and steady yourself.
Tip #5. Prioritise
Tip #8. Do the work

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7 responses to “10 Tips to decompress. Tip #1. Slow down

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  7. ramona

    yes, agree! but sooo hard to execute sometimes, no?


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