Tip #9. It’s all in the perspective, your perspective.

Think about it long and hard. So much of what we do and say, and the choices we make, have to do with our point of view. It’s our take on what we see and hear. It’s our take on the situation. But what if we have misread the situation? What if we saw in it, something that wasn’t really there?

In many situations, being able to see something for what it is, is hard. Why wouldn’t it be? We are coloured by our life experiences, by our interactions with the people around us and by our character as it develops through the years. This lens through which we see things can sometimes really blind us to what is in front of us. You don’t need to see things completely off. I am talking about a slight twist in perspective here because that is sometimes all you need.

In any event, nothing is ever so clear, so black or white, either right or wrong. Yes, there are times when there are clear roads and when guided by our morals and conscience, we know right from wrong. But so much of life is not marked in such absolute terms. So much of life is marked by our interpretation of what we see. Much like those movies of four different characters living out a part of their lives before us, on the screen, they see only what they see. We, the viewers, see the whole picture. We see the interactions, the crossroads, the intersections.

I think that, if life was like the movies, in the sense that we get to see the whole picture, the helicopter view of things as it relates to us, there’s a big chance that this perspective will affect our lives to a great degree. Yet, this is not what we see. We see what we see.

And then we get blinded by rage, jealousy or pride. This clouds things even more. Over the years, I have been amazed at how with one perspective, I can sometimes feel as if the world is crashing down on me. I see my options, I see the road in front of me and I think I’ve seen it all, in that sense. I feel like I’ve hit a wall and there are no more options left. And then I have a conversation with someone, I am open, I hear a different viewpoint or even get asked a ‘funny’ question. And then all of a sudden, the world I thought I had, the one with no more options, suddenly disappears. It was a world that I viewed with that perspective. Now that a ‘funny’ question has cleared my radar, I don’t see that world any more and all the barriers come crashing down.

It goes from hell to heaven in the blink of an eye. All with a change of perspective. How’s that for decompressing? And its not a place you have to get to or a series of tasks you need to do. It’s just rethinking whatever you’ve been thinking, asking yourself some questions and reassessing the assumptions you’ve so solidly based so many things on.

It’s just calls for a change of mindset and a willingness to go there.

The thing about thinking that your life needs to be any particular way, because it just is, is that in time to come, it really will be that way. It will be that way because you said it and you made it happen. But if you don’t do the hard thinking, you will just see it as fate and you will see the choices you’ve made as choices thrust upon you. But you have choice. You really are the captain of your own ship, regardless of whether you believe you are or not. In the long run, you can give up that position or you can embrace it. You can captain well or not at all.

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