Asking questions

The problem with thinking that you know the answer to the question you ask is that when you do ask the question, with the intent of truly discovering the answer, you might inadvertently find the answer you seek. As in you find the colour red because you are actively looking out for red.   What if we kept our mind open and didn’t think of the answer? Would that be possible? Do we not usually find what we’re looking for – even if its not in the place we expect or the timeframe we thought? Do we not usually get what we ask for – even if its from some other source or when we may no longer want it? Does that not mean we need to be careful about the questions we seek answers to? Does that not mean that the kind of questions we ask impact how we move ahead?


About rowena morais

Media Communications and Editorial Specialist. With my strong professional network of contacts, I help individuals and organisations, particularly those within Human Resource and Technology, strengthen their skill-base and brand through compelling writing, beautiful design, content marketing and publishing. Let's talk.

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