Great one liner

I watched an interesting movie a few days ago. How Do You Know is tagged as a romantic comedy, starring Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson. I can’t say that I was expecting much to begin with but it was a couple of notches up from the usual drivel served.


One takeaway – a one liner from the psychiatrist played by Tony Shalhoub. Reese’s character goes in to see the psychiatrist and then changes her mind. Before she leaves, she asks him a vague question – whether he might have any sort of general advice for her, based on all the experience he’s had and what he’s seen from his clients, to deal with just about anything that life might throw. Wow – if only.


To which the psychiatrist  answers positively, “Figure out what you want, and learn how to ask for it.”


It sounds so firm and definite. Like this really was the answer to it all. But then, thinking about it further, I began to see its impact. 


How many times can you say that you really do know what you want?  Haven’t you ever come across a situation where you’ve asked for something, gotten it and then realised that this was not really what you wanted in the first place? How often do you need to get something or someone and then realise its true impact?

That said, its really not that easy to figure out what you want, certainly not all of the time. In your career, from your job or in your life. You have to live and figure that out as you go along, exploring different roads in that journey. You cant possibly have the answer to that at the beginning of your experience for what would it be based upon?


And learning how to ask for it? We all have issues with this in some form or other.

Knowing who to ask of it. Knowing when to ask for it. Accepting that you could ask of it. Figuring out how to ask for it.


That one line is but the tip of the iceberg, isn’t it?


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2 responses to “Great one liner

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Roy for that comment. It is an impressive statement in that context for sure. In isolation, it can sound so clich??d. But the thing with clich??s is that there’s a ring of truth to it and perhaps, we don’t always want that shoved in our face. You’re absolutely right about this being something we often don’t think about. It’s easy to get distracted, to be blown away by this or that, or be in the moment or be swayed by a more compelling argument or person before us. It’s a state of daily mindfulness and a strong centre that we’re after actually. It calls for reflection and introspection but with it, we’re half way to knowing what we want.


  2. Roy Prasad

    I watched this movie and am impressed that you picked this line up. I recall coming out of this movie and thinking that by far that one sentence is something that we never seriously think about. As people we can figure out situations and circumstances in our head, but the actually delivery in asking for it or putting in place actions to achieve this is something that we fluff around with and about. Fantastic discussion and post.


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