I wonder…

What would happen if, for one hour or one day, you just stepped outside of yourself for a bit? To some extent, we live habitual routinised lives. We certainly can’t live without this completely – it’s what keeps us sane. But what if that all we do is to hold on to that sanity? What if all that we do is to stay within that box because its comfortable and because people expect it of us simply because that’s all they’ve seen of us?   You know the full face you hold better than anyone else. You know what you’re capable of, even if there are others out there who may dispute that. Yet, if we let ourselves be caged in by our sense of calm, certainty and comfort in the known, when will we ever do anything new and different and truly see what we are capable of. You do know that you have to risk failure to do that. You have to risk commentary, ridicule or worse still,  apathy. But do it for you. Not for them. You don’t need to prove yourself to them. You only need prove yourself to you. Remember that the one person you spend the most time fighting with your whole life — is not out there. It’s you.


About rowena morais

Media Communications and Editorial Specialist. With my strong professional network of contacts, I help individuals and organisations, particularly those within Human Resource and Technology, strengthen their skill-base and brand through compelling writing, beautiful design, content marketing and publishing. Let's talk.

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