Message Architecture

I learnt a new phrase thanks to Sulynn Choong. She introduced me to the idea of message architecture.   In her article on Executive Presence, Sulynn discusses whether leaders are born with executive presence and whether it can be acquired. Here, she talks about message architecture. Sulynn says that, “No matter how well we carry ourselves or how good we sound, the message that comes out of our mouths matter. We need to pay attention to how we craft a message – the lines, the flow, the emphasis, and the psychological state that we want to induce in our audience.”


I agree. I’ve always believed that the words matter, but so too, the other aspects like how we carry ourselves and more than anything else, how we put the words together to get that message across.


Same sentence, two different people = two different messages. Wierd, but true.


Makes you wonder whether its the message conveyor or the receiver. But we do have a responsibility I believe (a strong word that may be) to do justice to any message we carry. To give it the best chance of success in being received. We cannot blame the receiver of our message if they interpret it incorrectly when we’ve not done our best to get our message across, can we?


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