The Law of Allowance

Roberta Swartz, Director at the Hypnotism Centre of Western Montana and author, blogs about the law of allowance. I had heard about the law of attraction but not this one. So, this law is really about letting go of the need to be ???right???. It is about allowing others to have their opinion. This got me thinking about my earlier post on communication curve balls.

Absolutely. Why not? When it comes to the fundamentals in life, some things are clearly right or clearly wrong. But for many other things, there really are many shades of grey. We all bring our experiences and our perception of these experiences to bear when we talk or listen to others. We can easily be so wrapped up in our own world view that it may be hard to acknowledge that what we see is not what others see.

The truth is that we don???t all see things in the same way. How could we?
How do you explain a root canal to someone who???s never been to the dentist?  How do you make someone understand what it means to parent if they do not have children?
On what do they base anything on? How do you convey the feeling and emotion without stepping too far out and tipping the balance between careful explanation vs scary detail?
There???s so much to convey in the breadth of a conversation, that encompasses intuition, emotion, rational thought and much more.

But could we listen better when we let go of our need to judge the situation or call/label it or put our spin on it ??? simply let it be and let the other person say what needs to be said?

How much of what we see and do and say would change if we allowed this one law to manifest in our lives?
How differently would you react to your manager if he applied the law of allowance to you?
Would you respond differently perhaps to difficult colleagues if they suddenly applied the law of allowance when communicating with you?

The possibilities are endless.

What I do realise is this. Sometimes, people talk because there are issues they need to discuss. Sometimes, they talk because they need to articulate it out loud. They do this because it brings it to life for them in a more tangible way. Sometimes, people talk because they are testing boundaries and responses  – it is an exploratory journey with no clear end in sight. And sometimes, they talk because they simply need to be heard. They want to feel that their voice matters.


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3 responses to “The Law of Allowance

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Jennifer for sharing your feedback, so good to know it resonates with you.RegardsRowena


  2. Jennifer

    I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff you post.


  3. Roberta Swartz

    Thanks for this blog Rowena! You have beautifully stated what the law of allowance is about! Thanks for moving this message forward with your blog post! With warm regards, Roberta


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