Give and take

Very interesting article on Google+ : The Holy Grail of Sourcing? by Amybeth Hale that came out last week. Well worth a read especially if you want to brush up on sourcing skills and also how to use Google more effectively. But the most important take-away for me was something Amybeth said towards the end of the article and I quote :

???Sourcing is no longer just about lead generation ??? there are serious elements of outreach and relationship development built into our current functions. If all we ever do with a resource is take from it, then we turn it into the Giving Tree ??? eventually, there will be nothing left to take. ???

It???s a strong statement to make but I completely agree with this. And this does not only apply to sourcing but to so much of everything we touch. Whether it???s our networks, our resources or our relationships,  if all we ever do is take, take and take, eventually a couple of things happen :-
1. As Amybeth pointed out, there will soon be nothing left to take.
2. Someone will begin to notice that indeed, taking is all you ever do and reconsider how much giving there will be.
3. In industry, or networks, or things provided for free, when a resource was intended to be one thing, and not really meant to be abused, it will create a shift of sorts when a growing number of people, do exactly that. And vice versa. It is because people saw the value of open source that the industry is what it is today. What if the open source world was cluttered with the likes of people who only took and took, early in the game? What if people waited to reap the benefits before they decided to plough in? I suspect that the industry would not be what it is today. Many start out giving free apps, free tools for a multitude of reasons, some self-serving and some not. But the point is that it is a symbiotic relationship. There needs to be balance.

So consider this.
1. We want to access remuneration surveys, yet we do not want to participate in them.
2. We want to hear how others in our own industry are coping with recruitment nightmares or talent searches. And so we go to networking events and HR conferences. Yet we sit quiet when it???s time to share or we talk mundanely.
3. We want to be part of discussion groups on linkedin and hear the latest updates, new bits of information. Yet, we sit dormant after we???ve created a basic profile for ourselves.

It takes movement, it takes your own personal involvement to get things going. We cannot simply expect this only of others.

So many of these things cannot happen overnight.
So many developments take months and years to access and be reciprocated on.
How can we sit there and expect things to just open up to us or expect that people will share their innermost insights when we are simply not willing to do the same?


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