Big claims

The other day I saw a big signboard outside a car repair outfit. It said ???specialist in all types of cars???. How many times have you seen odd signs like this? Granted, it is a car repair outfit but the motivation here is clear. Gary here wants you to understand that he is a specialist so he is THE guy for you. But at the same time, Gary doesn???t want to lose out on what specialising naturally connotes ??? a niche. So he clarifies that he can work on ALL cars.

So the questions come rolling in : if you specialise, can you specialise in everything? If you are a specialist in everything, can you be a generalist in one thing?  There is a natural fear with specialising ??? you are telling everyone that you are not good at other things but you are good at this one thing. You???ve spent years honing your skill. The downside of losing out on other business is offset by the positive that being an expert at that one thing brings.

So if you???ve spent all that time honing your skill at that one thing, why kill it by confusing people with an unclear message?
So much kudos to the specialists of our time that you would think that being a generalist was a bad thing.

What???s wrong with this picture?
An unclear message that keeps people guessing.
Lack of confidence in the one true thing he is good at.
Not being brave enough to call it as it is.


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