Dealing with problems – the other 5 things

So, yes, we???re still dealing with problems and more importantly, how to resolve them. Making a plan is a great place to start, as I???ve said. It???s positive and requires action. The thing about action is that it makes you feel in control. If you???re just sitting there, not doing anything, its easier to feel like things are spiraling out of control.

But here are some other things I???ve found to work just as well.

Be willing to fail
There???s something liberating about accepting that you might fail…. if you feel that you???d like to try something you???re keen to do but afraid of. Accept that failure is how we learn and it???s a necessary part of the process. If you do that, you???re more likely to move forward into activities and ventures. And it???s better than sitting on the sidelines watching others get a move on, only to say ???what if??? much later.

See the lesson
A necessary corollary to ???be willing to fail??? is to see the lesson. If you make mistakes, yet fail to examine the circumstances behind it, you???re more than likely to make the same mistake twice. So, painful as it might be, looking internally and being honest about why something tanked or how you made an error will keep you in good stead for later.

Think outside the box.
Now, we???ve all heard this line before. Frankly, I don???t really agree with the sentiment and it???s overused. If we could think outside the box, we would, wouldn???t we? It???s in the same vein as ???anticipate change???. If we did, it wouldn???t be change. Change creeps up on you or it smacks you upside the head. What helps is how you choose to react to it and how quickly you do so. If change is negative, it???s hard to accept and this makes it more difficult for us to deal with it. The people who can roll with it, always end up faster down the line.

But what I mean here, I guess, is more along the lines of consider the things you normally wouldn???t. We???ve lived long lives and in many instances, we???ve developed our own codes and practices to make daily living easier. Sometimes, it does makes it easier but other times, it shuts out so many possibilities because you???ve found an easy way of looking at things and a familiar approach. When things are tough, it???s as good a time as any to stop thinking the way you usually do and re-assess. Think about the problem in a different way. Explore things you wouldn???t have thought possible. It???s not easy, granted. It???s definitely something that requires practice and mindfulness.

Ask, get help.
What? Yes. You???re not going to spend time reinventing the wheel, are you? There???s a world out there full of experiences and lessons that you can tap into. If you ask.
Share your problem, talk about it with people you can trust and you might find answers in places you didn???t think possible. And you???d be surprised sometimes at the change in perspective this brings.

Feel positive
If you feel positive about your challenge/problem, somehow the channels to receive information and ideas are open to you. If you feel negative, you???ve closed in on things before they???ve had a chance to show themselves. Think about it.


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