Deal with problems immediately

I???d like to recommend you read  Jeff Haden???s article, The 5 Qualities of Remarkable Bosses. (Thanks to Vidhu Kannarapath for highlighting this article to me). It???s short and to the point and makes a lot of sense. The argument Jeff makes that resonates the most with me ??? deal with problems immediately. Jeff argues that nothing kills team morale more quickly than problems that don???t get addressed. But the weightier issue for me ??? the fact that problems never go away. They remain rooted where they are, regardless of how you???d like to label it or worse still, they get worse with time.

Quite apart from Jeff???s point that an ignored problem just results in your team???s loss of respect for you ??? it shows them that you don???t execute. All the talk in the world ultimately needs to give way to action. And when people have a choice between believing what they read/hear from you and believing what they see you act/do, it???s the latter that wins hands down any day.

In my experience, problems do not go away. I???ve seen them resurface in time to come, in a different form but it???s still there and yes, you can recognise it. So, I would ask, why put off to tomorrow what you can deal with today? Get it over and done with. Avoiding dealing with it only provides temporary relief and I reckon that the stress you feel under your skin or at the back of your head as you try not to deal with it, is usually not worth the effort. I do find that, at times, it can be ugly to have to be head-on collision with a problem. Then again, there???s rarely a pleasant problem. There is something to be said about being honest and having a go at trying to fix it, starting with calling a spade a spade. Problems only get compounded when we beat around the bush or take people down a complicated path by lie, delay or omission. It leads to unnecessary confusion and assumption.

Speak clearly, call it like it is so you can get down to the real task of the day ??? fixing it. And then you can move on.


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