the world today

The world before : You don???t like/can???t stand/don???t agree with your employer or the organisation anymore. You quit. You send them a letter of resignation or you just don???t show up.
The world today : You do that …. and you tell the world about it.

The world before : Employers looked after their brand in their time. They focused on the activities they did and the experience people had. Time gave them choice.
The world today : Employers have to trawl facebook pages and communications of their employees to see where and how best they need to respond to situations. If large enough or relevant enough to them, they take on social media feverishly. And now more than ever, employers are literally forced to respond or post public messages in response to single ???attacks??? on their brand or integrity. Failure to respond is simply not an option.

The world before : You had time on your hands. You had the opportunity to distil thought and go through a process, whatever it may be, to make the decisions you need to make.
The world today : There???s no time to take your time. In the world of ???send now???, twitter and facebook updates, a slow response will be viewed with suspicion as much as a non response. Everything is suspect and called into question.

Times are not changing. Times have changed.
We must not only keep up with these changes. We have to be completely on top of them, if we are to succeed.

Read the open letter by Greg Smith, Why I am Leaving Goldman Sachs, in the New York Times where he very publicly resigned two days ago as Executive Director and Head of the firm???s US equity derivatives business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


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