Time heals all wounds.

Time heals all wounds.
I think that whoever said that didn???t mean it literally. I do not believe that time passing, in itself, heals the wound. I???d like to think that it is the passage of time coupled with your experiences in the other spheres of your life that slowly give you perspective … something on which to think and even rethink how you???ve viewed whatever it is that has hurt you.

How we position the event in our mind changes over time.

New experiences, new emotions give us the distance to reconsider whatever we???ve felt or thought about a circumstance. Without having to necessarily admit or concede to anyone, you have the opportunity to reconsider or change your mind. It is this ability, this chance to look anew at something, that allows for things to heal and for the situation to take on a different meaning, one that perhaps in previous years, you might not have thought possible at all.

Failure helps you.
There???s nothing great about falling down and hurting yourself. Nothing particularly sublime about getting screwed by someone you thought to be your friend. Nothing so great that can shake you to your core as to realise that the one thing you held so dear or thought you knew so well, turned out to be un-dear and the opposite of what you believed you saw. In any situation where you face failure, you have choices. And you can do many things with these choices. You can deal with it and confront the misery in front of you. Or you can just watch more telly or have one more drink. The best thing that you can do is to tell yourself the hard facts.

Do it early when the wound is still fresh. The experience is still new and you have all the information at your fingertips. As time goes by, facts get dimmer and perception gets more and more into the picture and this can be affected by emotion. Then move on to make decisions about what you???ve learnt from the situation.

The good thing about confronting failure is that once you???ve heeded the lesson, you wont make the same mistake again. I believe those who make the same mistake over and over again have yet to deal with, understand fully or come to terms with the issues raised within the situation. Allow me to introduce you to the wild world of home d??cor and the perils of friendship… best kept for another post.


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One response to “Time heals all wounds.

  1. Michael Lee

    Have to agree with your perspective there. Have been telling myself always to count to ten before making decision or doing anything. Sleep on the matter for a day or two before making a big decision. It has never failed me in making a better decison. Time allows us to measure the event more thoroughly and viewing it in a better perspective from different viewpoints.


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