How escaping from a kidnapping attempt is more than a lesson in terror

It was in the news today – Marketeer fights off abductors but it is the facebook story about it that has indeed gone viral.

In what is said to have taken four minutes, yet felt like a very long time, Chin Xin-Ci, an internet marketeer, faced off with her attackers and won. I am very happy about this outcome but what I find so compelling and noteworthy about this is :

1. the power of sharing a story.
Xin-Ci was brave enough to tell everyone about her ordeal, unafraid to say that she was scared for her life. She put her story on facebook. Would you?

2. Xin-Ci worked through the issues.
In under  two days, she had grappled with the emotions and various thoughts that surfaced as a result of this attack and identified six reasons why she believed she was still alive today. Six! I find it remarkable that she could work her way through all these feelings so quickly and come to the conclusion she did. And further, she went on to share these reasons.

All of us go through many life experiences. It would be easy to think that most times, the experiences we face are unique to us and us alone.  But time and time again, we find that regardless of race, religion or stature, many of us share very similar life experiences and we all have, at some point, to deal with loss, shame, disappointment, envy, anger, betrayal, lack of patience and more.  How much more would we learn and feel better if we were to share our stories? Providing carthatic relief, stories are a way we share our experience of humanity with each other and a way for us to connect with our community, our family and our friends. Stories not only provide a bridge to growth and healing, it enables us to share with others beyond our space and time, with those from afar and those from different generations.

To share, you need accept that your story has value.
To share, you need accept what happened to you, not deny it. Working through your issues is brave; it enables you to move on, to make choices, to take charge. It gives you positive energy.

Don???t you think so?


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