I don’t need to be in the office to be productive

I recently came across the Mashable article by Ben Parr, The Rise of the Mobile Workforce. Here, Ben tells us more about the Infographic posted by social contact manager, Gist. Gist has been analysing some of the data about the rise of the mobile workforce and there are some pretty interesting stats here :-
  • 3 out of 5 workers say that they don???t need to be in the office anymore to be productive.
  • 32% of employees globally rely on more than one mobile device during the typical workday.
  • While 46% of mobile workers feel most productive in the office, up to 38% feel the same, working from home.
  • 78% of smartphone users access email on their devices.
I do believe from what I have heard and read to date that yes, people don???t feel that they need to be in the office to be productive. Of course, some prefer the structure, routine and interaction the workplace provides that the instability and rather unstructured way of working from home may not be able to. However, I don???t find it hard to believe that people want autonomy, freedom to decide and options at their fingertips.

If we don???t need to be in the office to be productive and we are proving to be productive outside the office :-
1. it means business, relationships and deals are developing around the clock, simmering or bubbling away at the oddest times probably.
2. we are always on, in terms of work mode. There is no defined switch off button except the one we embrace for ourselves.
3. we have the freedom to choose where, how, when and what. How liberating.
4. it also means that all this technology, access and options have the ability to make us feel swamped, pressured, always turned on and in a borderless zone in terms of work/life balance.

Some sink. Some swim.
Others may wonder why they receive email at 2AM.
It may not be always as things appear.
People are mobile ??? they may be in a different time zone.
People make choices ??? to check out for a three hour siesta and resume work at 9PM. It???s their life, isn???t it?

I guess this is neither good nor bad- there???s both in these options.
But like many things in life, how we choose to make sense of it, makes all the difference in how these trends develop and how much we accept this new order of things.
You can choose to ignore or embrace it.


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