Allow your children to fail

Shane Paul Neil says that we need to raise resilient children. He asks, “When the idea of facing an online bully one more time is less inviting to a child than ending their young lives, what does that say about the world we have created?”

I think it says a lot, don’t you?

We can’t fight every evil off, but we can certainly teach our kids that they should dust themselves off and start again.
We can teach them to build inner reserves of strength that are not dependent on the whims of the outside world.
We can teach them to look inward and upwards for guidance rather than the voices around them.
We can teach them to take care of themselves.

How do we do this for our kids?

By letting them experience life, not protect them from it.
By allowing them the chance to fail, to lose, to despair, to not know the answer and to find a way to carry on and to overcome, in spite of.
By showing them that there???s more than one way to look at something.
By letting them see us fail.
By letting them see us win.
By listening to them, and really hearing what they have to say. To allowing them to have a voice and to be heard.
By teaching them about perspectives and the fact that there is always two sides to a coin.
By teaching them that how we position things in our mind has an effect on what we do and say.
By teaching them to bounce back and be courageous. Courage is not about a lack of fear but a willingness to move forward despite the fear.

Life is not getting any easier, it is getting harder and more complicated with each passing day. Yet, it can be so simple. We complicate things with the things we create, it is we who???ve created this complicated life we lead. While fear unchecked can lead to debilitating results, so too the rising complications in our life. Yet it lies within us to change things around for ourselves and uncomplicate it.
If we can teach our children how to stay true to ourselves, how to remain authentic, how to listen to our inner voice, how to be brave in the face of fear and how to come to rely more on ourselves than on those around us, for our sense of self, we will have taught them well.

It is never too late. The children of yesterday are the adults of tomorrow. They carry their past into their workplace, into their new relationships and into the families and communities they are then part of.


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