memory for muscles (and not muscle memory)

People talk about muscle memory often. But I???ve read that this is a myth — muscles indeed have no memory. It???s said that there are no nerve cells or neurons in muscles. So why do we talk of muscle memory? It is a concept that is often discussed and even accepted as truth. I believe that what is referred to as muscle memory is actually just memory, as we???ve stored it, in our brain.

I talk about muscle memory because I???ve come to the conclusion that there are really no shortcuts. In anything. I think sometimes you are at the right time, right place, right bunch of people and right set of circumstances. But these are few and far between. Often times, you have to create the situation for yourself. You have to know what it is that you want, what you so desire and then work backwards from that goal/place to see what you need to do to get to there.

What I have found is that once you have achieved that clarity of mind, it makes it so much easier for you to make decisions, that follow from the initial decision. You know what you want to do, where you want to be and how you will get there. I am not saying you will have all the answers but having that clarity, and making that initial decision, almost paves the way to where you want to be.

Haven???t you noticed that once you decide you want to get a particular phone or have earmarked a holiday destination, you tend to see these things everywhere you look? You???ve opened up your mind???s eye to it, that???s all. You then see things you didn???t think you???d see.

I talk about muscle memory because I have seen and heard people behave in the belief that there are short-cuts.
That they could just drop a generic email to thousands of people offering themselves up for hire.
That they could do just one thing ( send out one marketing initiative or make a single call) and yet expect that one thing to do the trick and convince others of their product/service offering.
That they could have one speaking engagement/one article printed/one training opportunity that might lead them to stardom.

There are those for which
… one email might lead to thousands of clicks,
… one marketing initiative might lead to a sell-out event,
… one training opportunity might lead to fame.
But the result lies not in the one activity they have just completed but in the all the work they have done in that lead-up, some of which you may be privy to and some which you haven???t.

I talk of muscle memory because I believe that wishing to be someplace or something is sadly, not enough to get you there. But, and this is the key thing, it???s the start. You have to test yourself on the strength of this desire. If you find that you don???t want to do anything more than wish, then the desire is simply put, not strong enough. If you are find yourself thinking about it more and more, and find yourself gravitating to this place, do yourself a favour and open up to it – ride the wave.

I talk of muscle memory because I think we ought to relish the hard work that gets us to the place where we get as close to perfection as we can. It is in climb that we appreciate the goal reached. The process gets easier in time if you can put in the desire and the commitment. Your brain, your body, your habits will slowly move in rhythm and adapt to make your goal a reality.

How long have you got?


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Media Communications and Editorial Specialist. With my strong professional network of contacts, I help individuals and organisations, particularly those within Human Resource and Technology, strengthen their skill-base and brand through compelling writing, beautiful design, content marketing and publishing. Let's talk.

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