advice… the giving and the getting

Who has not been on both ends of this stick? Two things I???ve learnt this year.

David Duchovny (of the X-files fame) talks about getting advice before you can process it. David says, ???You want to return once it ripens and thank the person who gave it to you, but by then it???s too late.???
I agree with that. The problem with people giving you good advice before you are ready to accept it, to consider it, to understand what it means and/or to act on it is that you are not ready. Readiness comes in many forms and it???s not limited to merely the desire for the advice. The breadth of your experience has an impact on what you are ready to process as well. And when you are not ready, the advice is simply useless. Sure, you can receive it and keep it for a later time but how many of us are truthful enough to ourselves to honestly consider it later?
We cover the advice with the mask of our own truth, our own layer of perception. And it then ceases to be of use.

Giving advice, I also find, is really not for the faint of heart. We think that we???ve been down that road and our lessons can be lessons for others. But as you already know, if you are not ready to receive the advice, the giving of it will cease to be of value. I think the best thing I???ve heard about giving advice is that one should not give advice until and unless it is asked for. It is a battle therefore that you fight internally when you believe you possess some understanding or insight that can really help turn the situation, help the coin to drop for someone else. But it is a matter of perception really.


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