Have you really figured out what your personal currency is?

If you???re like most, you would probably evaluate this in terms of how you???ve been valued. In terms of your educational background, your financial status, your career trajectory and your network. If you take a look at your life, you will see that all through it, you???ve been subject to someone else???s evaluation of who you are or who you ought to be.

This system is perpetuated in the face of nothing better surfacing, because it makes it easier to quantify and place someone and simply because it???s just been done that way.

Is this the right thing to do? Well, the answer to that probably varies from one to the another, depending on their life experiences.

Regardless of whether there is a place for this, or whether you like things the way they are, the reality  that you are forced to live with is that everyone around you has expectations based on these evaluations. The quality of your choices, however, and consequently, the quality of your life, lies in how much emphasis the evaluation of others stack up against your own personal barometer.

Your personal currency ??? is that your skillset, your loyalty or your experiences?
I would say, these all have their part to play  …. and for a significant set of experiences and relationships in place, these items probably matter more to some than to others. And so be it.
I believe, however, that your real currency is your reputation and your word.

Those other things, you can easily gain with time, interest and determination.
How you define your reputation, how much strength your word matters ??? this is the stuff of dreams. You can work your life away to build this and in one swell move, you can destroy what you have.

I???d be careful about how I position myself.
I???d be careful about how I use others to strengthen/defend the position I actually want to hold.
I???d be careful about the image I create of myself and the image that others really see.
I???d be careful to protect what I???ve worked hard to build for once its lost, it may be lost for a long time.


About rowena morais

Media Communications and Editorial Specialist. With my strong professional network of contacts, I help individuals and organisations, particularly those within Human Resource and Technology, strengthen their skill-base and brand through compelling writing, beautiful design, content marketing and publishing. Let's talk.

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