Best way to start the year

So many do???s and don???ts out there. Make a list. Don???t make a list. Focus on moving forward. Focus on what you???ve achieved.
I have two thoughts on this. Firstly, what is important is what you believe to be true and the best fit for the person you are. So go with that. Secondly, give yourself a chance to succeed ??? take on just enough.

1. Don???t look outside, look into yourself.
There???s much advice out there and granted, much of it is rehashed. I believe the best way for you to move forward is to think about your struggles so far, what gains you???ve made and where you feel you???d like to focus. You can only look within for the answers on this one.

2. Take one bite. Or maybe two.
Ambitious is the person who has a list of things to achieve and hard is the fall as the year hurries to an end and he finds that so little has been achieved. Think of it this way. If you set out to change or do only two things, and spend your time and energy on this for the year, you will feel fabulous at year end when you have made significant gains and when you assess what you???ve achieved. It will set the tone for the year to come and give you the confidence to move forward.

3. Balance is key.
While I believe it is good to have a vision and something to go for, it???s as important for us to look at the things we have done successfully as well. It can???t all be about what???s gone wrong and what we need to improve on. We can???t move on, energising ourselves for the tasks we???ve set when we start on such a negative note. Be proud and mindful of the things you set out to do and have achieved. It will hold you during the tough times.

4. Go with the flow.
Holidays can be particularly stressful times. And so can the start of a new year. As much as the excitement increases with the prospect of new chances, fresh opportunities and a chance to do over, there is also a huge amount of stress associated with new starts and budding possibilities. Sometimes, you will need to take a step back from your goals, your wish list and simply go with the flow.

5. Mindfulness
Living in the moment and moving slowly enough with the important things to truly assess what is before you is key to your happiness and ability to follow through. Doing this will ensure you don???t hurry through so much of life, with that sense of busyness that seems to engulf us on most days. Doing this will help us to focus on what is important to us, rather than what comes our way.


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Media Communications and Editorial Specialist. With my strong professional network of contacts, I help individuals and organisations, particularly those within Human Resource and Technology, strengthen their skill-base and brand through compelling writing, beautiful design, content marketing and publishing. Let's talk.

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