The power of perseverance

I had a really great experience a few days ago when I understood a little more deeply the power and impact of perseverance. What you know in theory doesn???t sink in until such time that it draws special significance for you and this can happen in a multitude of ways. What is important is that the significance needs to be drawn before real impact is made.

Most people have short attention spans or perhaps , different things that excite or interest them. That being the case, when you need to make an important point, or raise a critical issue to someone, choosing the right time and the right words make the difference between being ignored or heard. There are other flavours too that go into the mix.

While some are bottom line oriented, others may be interested in the journey to that bottom line or the story behind the facts.
Some are only interested in the things that matter to them, so issues outside their range of interest are of little consequence.
Some are motivated by the heart, some by the mind ??? this affects how they listen.
Some people believe they know all there is to know about something and come to quick decisions, rightly or wrongly, while others who may have valuable experience may yet feel that it still doesn???t present them with a validity to make a decisions.
Some think they know you (or your type) well enough to project ahead and call you on what you are going to say while others fail to grasp the essence of who you are despite your attempts to make that clear.

When you have one or more of these in the mix, it is harder to communicate and do so well. Sometimes, you may feel that the effort is not worth the time and significance you place on it. At other times, you feel the reality of that brick wall. When the issues are difficult to articulate, or are still unclear in your mind, how you communicate it may take as much time as it does the intended recipient to understand.

Perseverance is about realising that these difficulties are part of the process. Which means that they are not impediments in your journey, they form the fabric of your journey. When you see that, your worldview changes and the way you tackle the issue changes. It means that you keep trying various ways and means to address your challenges, rather than give up at the first fight. And in a recent situation, while trying to make myself clear on a point I???ve had difficulty in before, I finally found a way to get the message across. I feel that the journey was a necessary step to get to where I finally stood. I believe that the attempts to articulate, and how I took in the viewpoints of others grappling with what I said, helped in that process. Therefore, perseverance in the journey is key to establishing some level of success at the end.


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Media Communications and Editorial Specialist. With my strong professional network of contacts, I help individuals and organisations, particularly those within Human Resource and Technology, strengthen their skill-base and brand through compelling writing, beautiful design, content marketing and publishing. Let's talk.

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