You don’t have enough time so you need to choose.

You need to make choices all the time and it can be very exhausting. It can be so exhausting that you just start to make automatic choices. Or worse still, make no choices at all. You might do this convincing yourself that you will decide later.

I love that word, later. It has so much meaning. The meaning you want to ascribe to it is that you have intent and desire and you will get around to it, at some point. But the reality is that without a firm idea in your head about when you plan to do this, you will not decide later. Without a timeframe, time never arrives. The future stays always….in the future. Until some maddening event brings what was meant to be in the future, horribly into the present. And you think you can avoid any sense of responsibility by believing that you were always going to make a decision and had planned to make a decision but now here before you, some unique circumstance had forced the decision out of your hands.

Well, if you want to believe that, then you carry on, in that light. No one will catch you on it, truth be told. And no one will care. Except you.

I read an opinion (tried to look for it again but cant seem to locate it) the other day, that there are some people who have such full lives, working and playing hard. And that these people are selfish because they put themselves first. They work hard at their jobs and are successful and they are also good at finding personal joys in their outdoor or other activities. But if you are single, this is ok. If you are married with children, this means that the people around you suffer.

I probably have taken this out of context since I can’t remember the full text of what was said but what I understood from this is that we have the same amount of time as everyone else. Those who ‘seem’ to get more done, may be getting more done in some respects. But at the end of the day, it is all about the choices we make. If you have many commitments, or many things you want to accomplish, there is always something that’s gotta give.

Whether its sleep and relaxation, personal down time for your own activities, family time, an active social life, an ability to learn a new task/language/skill, we cannot possibly do it all. And so we must choose. There is no harm in choosing.

But we should make our choices well and we should make our choices proactively so as to not fall into whatever choices appear to be in our way at the time. It would not be fair or right to then blame our circumstance for choices madee, for our choices are always ours to make.


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