Achieving success – what is involved may be simple to understand yet hard to do.

Professional and personal success rest on a few key ideas. Many have written on what it takes to drive yourself towards a level of success but there are, in the greater scheme of things, few people who are able to achieve this. Most still struggle. What is clear is that while things may appear simple to comprehend, accepting what it really means and what it entails is a whole other game after all. It is here, indeed, that those who succeed are separated from those who don’t.

1. Patience and dedication is a prerequisite, not an option.

Frequently, I see in others, that the desire for a particular result/goal is not matched by the dedication of the person towards it. In any endeavour, we have to give ourselves a chance to see our efforts generate results. The trick lies in knowing how long to give yourself…yet many people give up or lose faith far too quickly.

The problem with losing faith too quickly or prematurely is that you have wasted valuable time and resources. If you are going to do something, then do it well. There is very little point in manifesting ill conceived or shortlived endeavours. You spend time and effort to craft a plan, to work out the pros and cons, to establish a way forward. You work towards a goal but before the plan has a chance to come to bear, you shoot it down because you have an unrealistic sense of what is possible. Or your impatience for results prevents you from seeing that all things need some element of time on its side before things gell together.

When you do that, you have not moved.

When you put all your eggs in one basket, when you quit before you’ve given yourself a chance to succeed and when your expectations of how quickly you expect things to turn around are unrealistic, you waste the mental space in creating the plan in the first place and all the trimmings so associated.

Perhaps it is our lifestyle today, which demands instant access and instant gratification and which has created in some, an unrealistic expectation of what kind of labour is involved to generate solid results. In an constantly-on world, where people expect quick turnarounds and speedy responses, it would seem almost fair to assume that results can be generated from most endeavours with the same timeline. But that is not always the case.

The story of rags-to-riches and long-lasting success is one that constantly demands a person accept far more failure than success and a deep desire to push through no matter the results. It is as much a test of your faith in your own vision.

2.  Put yourself in the other person’s shoes – feel and think like someone on the receiving end of your act, thought or gesture.

We cannot achieve success if we take the mainstream route, the tried and tested way. There is an element of bravery called upon us to rely on our own intuition, and to be the best we can be of ourselves. Only then are we able to effectively do justice to our unique ideas.

If we think, speak and act like everyone else out there, what then will set us apart? What then will get us the platform or airtime?

Key to us effectively solving any issue is being true to ourselves and putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes. It means putting ourselves in the eye of the problem. When we fail to think and act like we would ordinarily do, if we were on the receiving end of our endeavour, we fail to do right by our initiatives. Success lies in our ability to balance our desire to do our best to accomplish what we seek to achieve against how we believe we will be perceived.

If we are always open to seeing things in a different perspective other than our own, we do ourselves more justice in the long run.

3. Really think through the issue – open yourself to ideas, new ways of thinking and approach things unconventionally.

It takes courage and a level of self belief and confidence to allow yourself to come up with your own thoughts and ideas. Some of us would prefer spouting the ideas of others more famous or more conventional than us. But there is no unique proposition for you rehashing someone else’s ideas.

As much as there is kudos in coming up with a unique thought or proposal, it takes great courage to put yourself out there, exposed and raw, to be judged on the merit of your idea.

4. Supply must meet demand, not vice versa.

In anything we do, we must seek to address demand. If we fail to do that, then we are merely pushing supply with no regard for whether it is indeed desired. While there are many ways to create desire for something that may not have previously existed, it is far more beneficial to ensure that whatever you choose to supply is actually based on what is in demand.

5. Be clear about your end goal or objective. Rushing headlong into an initiative without sufficient thought into your desired outcomes is akin to rushing nowhere quickly.

You need to know where you are headed in order to get there. Spending enough time to clarify your destination is one of the more crucial aspects to achieving desired outcomes.


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