The single biggest lesson I have learnt

There’s two big lessons really for me, now that I think about it. Firstly, that anything is possible. Secondly, nothing makes much sense until it makes sense to you personally. And in a way, they are both related.

There’s something to be said for opening yourself up to a new perspective. Oftentimes, you are called upon to do so when challenged, pressed to find a solution or when in a corner. But how many of you can say that you took the time and the effort to truly open yourself to the situation? I myself know that I have found this hard to do and give up quicker than necessary, convincing myself that I have looked at it from all sides.

The mind is such a powerful thing – it really does rule you. If you tell it that it can, then it most certainly will. What I have found in a number of situations I have been in is that when I tell myself that I have three options and that is all that I have indeed, then I narrow myself to the circumstances as I have presented within.

What are these things that come to help me define my circumstance?

A narrow perspective – you can start out with a perspective and sheer willpower can help ensure you define your journey with this perspective only – regardless of what has changed in real terms.

Other people’s opinions and interpretation – People can come along and define things for you. If you choose to accept their interpretation, if you fail to have an opinion of your own, it you accept it blindly, then these too form the confines within which you make a decision.

A quick judgement of the situation – Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, in the emotional unfolding of a saga, it is easy to come to quick judgement. And the more you repeat this judgement, the more sustained your belief in it, regardless of whether its real or not.

Apparent common sense – What sometimes appears to make good sense, may not actually be good after all.

The tried and tested – Don’t we all love the safety and stability of the true and tested path? To go where everyone has gone before, to move ahead without ruffling feathers, to do what has been done. There’s safety, consistency and reliability in doing what’s been done. But the question to ask is whether it is right for you, in your given situation.

However, if you resist the above, if you choose to look at something fresh, without these barriers or frameworks, there’s a chance you might see something there that you didn’t see before. And that is what I have experienced. Being privy to options I never thought I had.

You experience such a liberating feeling to know that you are unencumbered by these limitations. And since this realisation dawned on me, I have to say that things have really not been the same. You really do have the opportunity to define your problem and your challenge and in so doing, define how you resolve it. In that way, anything really is possible.

To the second point raised. Why does nothing makes much sense until it makes sense to you personally? Simply put, the trick is not in knowing but in applying. All these points above have been raised before. But it takes on new meaning when it makes sense to you, in your particular circumstance. Until such time that happens, it’s all words on a page, isn’t it?

We need to make sense of it ourselves. In our own time, in our own way. Key to this is a readiness to embrace what it brings with it. A lesson presented before its time, is sadly a lesson wasted. And so it was that until I could make sense of these issues in the challenges I faced, I could not comprehend the issues presented. The coin had not yet dropped.

What can you take away from this? Two things.

Firstly, understand that anything really is possible. We just have to believe it to be so and the road will open up. It’s not so much about filing your life with a kind of positive mental attitude as it is about understanding that your frame of reference is as important to the challenge/problem presented.

Secondly, that you need to open yourself to new experiences and all the emotions that being placed like so may bring to the surface – the fear, the anxiety, the adrenalin rush, the unlimited array of disastrous consequences that may or may not be. If you open yourself to these experiences, you allow yourself more colour, more ways in which to assess what is before you. An infinite palate, so to speak.


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