What failure feels like

It may sound odd, given my desire to start and end the year well and with intent, to then write a post on failure.

Someone with intent will surely want to focus on what’s possible, positive and proactive. And failure is anything but. Or is it?

What does failure feel like?

It feels like Groundhog Day, mostly. Sometimes, it feels like an out of body experience as you watch yourself do the things you decided you would not do. It feels like insanity running riot.

But at the same time, it also feels more solid with every failure. It’s almost as if with each step, each failure is a nod to where you want to go. And while you may not be there yet, you are getting there.

At times, it feels like you are very far away. At times, you feel so near you could touch it.

How do you keep going when you keep failing over and over again? I think you focus on where you want to be. That’s all. It is simple – you think about where you are, you wonder about that place you are trying to get at and then, you dream.

And in your dreams, you get there. In your dreams, you’ve made it. And in life, you see your dreams more clearly than your reality and sometimes, that is all you need to move from hour to hour, from day to day.

What does failure feel like?

Hopeful, failure doesn’t hold me back. It shows and confirms for me one more route I should not take. It strengthens, yet again, my resolve. It asks the question and I answer it.

You ask yourself, “How badly do you want it?” or “How much will you give for it?” And if your answer is “Very badly” or “I’d give it my all”, then failure is just a process, a step in the journey. It’s not something to cave in to, its just there to nod at as you continue on your way, more determined than ever before.


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