14 Tips for Negotiating Successfully – Tip#9 Be Willing to Do the Dance

You have to understand what it means to do the dance.

Typically, Dave starts at the extreme end, perhaps the lowest denominator. He wants to make sure he doesn’t pay a cent more than he needs to. Then, Chris starts on the other end, ensuring that he’s asking for as much as he possibly can. This is the typical dance. Each party moves forward and back, as they inch ever so slowly, to the mid point. Ah, everyone has given a little something.

This is not the dance I am talking about. I feel that this is a waste of time. I believe you should cut to the chase and go in for what you want and don’t budge if you are serious about it. Don’t play games.

What I mean by being willing to do the dance is simply to see that not everything is bound to go your way – you should expect that. You should be reasonable in your demands, yet unreasonable in your dreams.

Remember this : at times, there may be something the other party will want and it may so happen that it’s within your power to deliver on it. It is something you don’t need or care for and in short, you lose nothing from giving it. In that case, let that be part of the deal. Don’t prevent it simply because you can or because you think there’s no need to go beyond.

These situations are here to provide opportunities of value. If you choose to see it.

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