14 Tips for Negotiating Successfully – Tip#14 Understand the impact of the emotional context

Simply put, we are all emotional creatures and often, we attribute logical intent to decisions we make and rationalise from that point.

In any negotiation, there are many elements outside our control. We have to accept this but it doesn’t mean a surrender to what we suppose may be inevitable. We should always seek to put our best foot forward and we should work from a position of abundance, positivity and light.

The reason I talk about understanding the emotional context is because I see now, from my own set of experiences, that how we interpret the words and actions of others may not necessarily be reflective of their intent. We see what we see, coloured by the lens of our experience. Our mindset is a powerful factor in this whole process for if we see what could be (as opposed to what is), it affects the decisions we make.

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt, and painfully so, is that we must make our mind up first. I had, in a significant re-negotiation of an existing contract, made up my mind about what I could and could not do. I played within the rules and in so doing, I limited myself in terms of what I saw as my options.

When you consider your big picture, do it unencumbered. Let your dream be unfettered.

Real life will provide enough false starts and bumps in the road – you do not need to create them. And in doing so, even if you don’t achieve your ultimate goal, you are nearer to it than if you had been ‘realistic’ about your options. This is the emotional context for you.

It’s the same thing to consider for the party on the other side. The more you know of their story or their predicament, the closer you get to understanding their emotional context, thereby preparing you to play a stronger game.

Whether 14, 25 or 100 tips, there’s so much to the process of negotiation but these are the ones that stuck with me as I went through my journey and hopefully, they make sense to you. Do you feel that there’s more? What have I left out? Love to hear from you and thanks for staying the course.


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2 responses to “14 Tips for Negotiating Successfully – Tip#14 Understand the impact of the emotional context

  1. You might find this interesting… an article on negotiation I wrote a while back.

    J. Benton Howie


    • Hi Benton

      Yes, it was a good article. I particularly liked the note about the timing of the negotiation being done before receipt of the written offer. Particularly relevant to those new to the job market and who may not be aware of some of the practices and policies of large organisations.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and share.



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