Why Self Esteem Is Not Enough to Build Self Confidence

Self esteem : feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities; a confidence and satisfaction in oneself.

Merriam -Webster

You need to have a respect for the person you are as well as the person you are coming into. You need to have a respect for what you do as well as what you’re about to do. You are, after all, a work in progress. How limited your world view would be if you believed that you were the sum of all you saw of yourself at present.

That said, your self regard is not enough to build your self confidence. In isolation, it would serve to merely inflate. In isolation, it may not hold up to the tests placed upon it.

Your self esteem is affected by your own growth – your perspectives, your opinions, your actions, your thought processes. And these are impacted by so many external forces – the cultures you expose yourself to , language, your relationships, your work environment, socio-political developments around you that you care/don’t care about and much more.

Your self esteem is affected by what happens to you and how you react to these occurences.

Your own regard for your worth, your ideas and your choices needs to be forged by fire – through the passage of time, through failure, through adversity and struggle, through experiences.

Self esteem is part of the process but one part of an intricate web of experiences, characteristics and elements that give you self confidence.



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