How I Respect Your Time. Tip #9. Be honest.

The honesty I am talking about here is probably a little harder to do than you’d expect.

Make sure that what is asked of you is something that…

… you are happy to deliver on;

… you are likely to be able to do;

… you’re interested in being involved in.

If you are not, then just don’t do it. Find a way out of it.

Otherwise, you end up stringing people along. You start to create expectations that you don’t plan on fulfilling which, in turn, creates a lot of negative energy.

And on the point of negative energy, I am not some kind of new-age or zen practitioner. But if there’s anything I have taken a long time to learn but which point has finally hit home – it is that the negative energy you create is one that hits you harder than you think. You think that you are leaving it with the other person, your intended recipient, but in effect, any energy you create, affects you as much as it affects the others around you.

Honesty can be very hard to embrace, especially if you know that what you say may be taken badly by your recipient. Why go there when it’s easier to fib? Why tell the truth when it means having to deal with messiness, anguish and even anger?

Because you can then rest. You can then be true to yourself. You can then align what you think with your actions and behaviour.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi

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