How I Respect Your Time. Tip #12. Be clear and don’t feel guilty

Perhaps it’s an odd combination to put clarity and guilt together but it may make more sense reading on.

I find it pays to be clear about what is important to you, when you approach someone with a proposal, when you are approached or when negotiating through a proposal. Clarity here refers to clarity about your over-arching goals and specific goals pertaining to the project or person you are involved in/with.

I have noticed that when you fail to be clear about these issues at the point of any discussion or negotiation, it causes the discussion to take more time than it should and you go through the motion without real traction. What’s happening is that either you or the other party are not keen to make your mind up about an issue or are waiting for it to come to a head, to be pushed into a decision.

There are times that one person’s lack of clarity can cause confusion or doubt with the other party – we don’t all come to the same place, with the same understanding, experiences or assumptions. And there are times you may feel guilt about your choices. Don’t.

Your choices are yours, based on what you see and experience and where you want to go. You can’t expect understanding or agreement at every stage of your life, or in all of your relationships. Be clear, be confident, be proactive – to make your vision come true.

Do not feel guilty about your priorities  or feel the need to align with others, whether for acceptance or otherwise.

While we are all together on this one adventure called life, we all have different adventures individually. That’s ok.

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