When You Lose Your Drive and Patience

It happens. It’s hard to always be on top, to be at the forefront, to keep pushing. Sometimes, you want to slow down but then you realise that every time you slow down, it’s really hard to get back into the groove. And it seems to make more sense to just keep going.

The life of an entrepreneur is one that can only be understood by an entrepreneur. It’s not said as if it were a badge of courage but a truth as much as any other. One only truly understands when in those shoes. But these ideas can resonate with anyone who is trying to achieve something meaningful or something they are truly passionate about, in their lives or careers.

Recently, I read a post by Tom Asacker about how time is relative. Tom says,

…Time speeds up when our experiences are rote.
When we’re standing still.
But it slows down when we experience something new and exciting.
When we’re flying high and engaging with the world.

Interesting because we all talk about how time flies by and it didn’t occur to me that perhaps it was flying by because of the regularity and similarity of what I was experiencing or doing.  And that can be one of the hardest things to acknowledge and accept when you are trying to do something really meaningful.

Because nothing truly good, truly worth your effort and time can be done in a short space of time. And when it gets pretty hard, when you can’t seem to see the wood from the trees, when you keep bumping into setbacks, the easy way out beckons. The call is strong and persistent and in moments such as those, you need to dive deep within. You cannot hope or look for the motivation or purpose from without.

You need question what exactly you are trying to do and ask yourself if these setbacks are really setbacks or a test of your conviction and courage. If it fails, then so be it. At least, you can call it what it is and go find something else to do. But if not…

…then you’ve just reinvigorated yourself.

Don’t you think?


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