Three quick hacks to feeling empowered

I’ve been working for some time now on my lifestyle design; in fact, I was probably working on it a lot earlier and before I realised the name for it. And one of the things you need to feel, in order to design the life of your dreams, is empowered. One simply does not design a life of one’s choice from a position of negativity or insecurity. It’s got to be lofty, bold and beyond your reach.

So, here are three quick hacks I find that can really boost your feeling of empowerment.

1. Take action.

Do the thing you keep putting off. Do what you fear. Accept that you may fail but embrace that because doing the thing is getting somewhere. Sitting still gets you nowhere. And going through endless redrafts, plotting and planning can go on and on. You need to take the plunge and you need to do it for yourself. That first step… what a rush.

Me : I take action all the time. I fail quite often, quite spectacularly. But each time I do that something I really want to do, that I know I should do, it is one more notch in my belt, adding to the spectrum of experiences that makes me who I am.

2. Be truthful and then move on.

When you’re stuck with a lie, when you don’t want to face a truth, even if you need face it alone, you cannot move. That feeling of helplessness, that things are happening to you is one that affects your vision and your interpretation of events around you. It can get distorted. When you admit it, even if only to yourself, you can release the energy and emotion that is held back and then move forward with renewed hope and vigour.

Me : Every time I have made peace with what I have done wrong, I have been able to move on. And every time I have not, it sits there in my gut, creating havoc in a tiny chronic way, much like a little stone in your sneaker. You can keep walking but oh, how irritating till you finally remove it.

3. Do what you love.

If you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, find a way to find some happiness outside it. Start looking for jobs that fit you better. Explore extra curricular activities, freelance or volunteer in the areas you are passionate about. Work from a position of hope and where you are in charge. You want to work hard to find that thing that brings you joy and that you love to do. It might take three jobs or it might take a lifetime but it’s your lifetime, is it not?

Me : I love what I do. And with passion and heart. And I got here through trial and error, by exploring all roads, by being curious, by going with a hunch and lastly, by simply saying, “Heck, why not?”

Perhaps, that’s why I’ve tagged this blog “Done is better than perfect”.

So, what do you you do to feel empowered?

PS here’s one more tip for good measure. Tell yourself, “Anything is possible”.

I run the platform and Accelerate Magazine. I blog regularly on personal development, mindfulness, growth and habits. I also contribute posts regularly to Women of HR, HRIS World and post on LinkedIn.  Check out the February 2015 issue of Accelerate Magazine now and let me know what you think!


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One response to “Three quick hacks to feeling empowered

  1. vincent bradbury

    Very good comments. Nice new photo also. I have used your mantra, “done is better than perfect”, to remind myself occasionally to be in conscious control over my actions. Another motivator I find helpful is “it’s hard if you think it is”. Sounds so simple, but is really so profound. We often discourage ourselves with a mindset that is overly negative and pessimistic. Again, it helps to remind ourselves who is in conscious control or our thoughts AND our actions. Keep up the fine work.


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