How to raise your visibility : Give it time

Gaining visibility, for most, takes time. Unless you have a lot of money to throw at this or you just want cheap publicity, the kind of visibility you are trying to drive towards takes patience, time, consistent effort and a bit of planning.

In the past, one of the businesses I ran involved helping people reach their target audience through email marketing. And one of the things I saw consistently is that many who were trying to reach out to their audience were giving up too early in the game.

They would send out one email campaign and then sit and wait for results. Sometimes, they would do this to the exclusion of any other marketing activity.

Yes, some of these were small businesses and they had limited budgets.

But when you commit to just one activity or too short a timeframe, you’ve effectively wasted both time, resources and money. You’ve shot it down prematurely. As I indicated in my previous post, the top brands in the world spend millions, if not more, consistently. What do you think that means for smaller, unknown brands?

The hard part lies in knowing how much to do and for how long. There are no quick answers – no one else can tell you how much time and effort to invest because this is your business. You know it best.

Give it time to hit the tipping point.
Give it all the support you can muster so that you can say that you’ve done your best by your campaign.
Try different things and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Be brave, be bold.
Start anyway.
There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t believe in it, or has a different view on how to do it. Start anyway. There’s enough pressure involved without you adding to it, go with the flow.

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  7. vincent bradbury

    Nice. Succinct. Encouraging.


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