How to raise your visibility : A presence on all the platforms… but at what cost?

This is a tough one which I have yet to fully resolve. If you want to build your profile and drive greater awareness about yourself and what you do, it stands to reason that you need to get out there. Don’t they say that you need to spend 20 percent of your time creating good content and 80 percent marketing it? I agree.

I am a believer in trying things out in order to see what works.

There’s a long standing tussle as to whether you should get on to one platform or all, whether you should cross-post or cross-promote (what’s the difference?). I long wrestled with the idea that you should only get on to all the social platforms if you have individual strategies for them. You cannot treat them all the same and you need to deal with the particular characteristics of each to fully bring its benefits to the forefront. I have seen many a Facebook page that was initiated years ago yet remains barren.

For as many people who say aye, there are those who say nay. So, what do you do?

I am a believer in trying things out in order to see what works. Theory in itself doesn’t do it for me. People can share their experiences but that too is coloured by their perspective, individual experiences and passions. For as many people who say aye, there are those who say nay. So, what do you do?

Trying it out yourself allows you to build up your own repository of experiences.

You will figure out what works best for you.

There’s a cost to getting on all platforms and ensuring that you can do a good job on them all. Here’s what I do now, which I believe works and it’s gathering momentum :

  1. Post on all socials. I am doing this because I believe that each platform appeals to a different breed. If you sink your teeth on only one, let it be because you’ve done the research and know for a fact that it’s on that platform that your tribe is at. If you don’t know, then the only way is to find out by trying it all.
  2. Create a consistent brand. Perhaps this seems a given but it’s an important point to create and maintain a consistent look and feel to who you are out there and how you are being viewed. Consider the impact of your personal Facebook page and how you look as the owner of a business Facebook group. What kind of photos do you post on your Pinterest feed? What videos are you sharing on Youtube? These too make for a brand – your brand.What posts are not in sync, what will likely turn people off?
  3. Cross promote where you can. The post on the differences above is a good one to ensure you are not doing a blanket shoutout. It’s only a little bit more of your time but worth it – most can also be handled by automation, tools and apps.
  4. Interject with something different – be human. At times, you need to create a different feel to what your intended look is. You want to look human…authentic. Turn things up, flip things around. Play.
  5. Give value first, and then some more. Always, always before the sale.
  6. Check what’s working – don’t do things in isolation. Working in a dark cave feels like work, but it could all go down the drain if you choose not to see what’s right in front of you.
  7. Work with influencers for support. These are your amplifiers. Yet, you need to build a relationship with each one individually in order for this to work. It’s got to work for them as much as it works for you.

Do you agree? Love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment.

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I run the platform and Accelerate Magazine. I blog regularly on personal development, mindfulness, growth and habits. I also contribute posts regularly to Women of HR and post on LinkedIn.  Check out Accelerate Magazine’s August 2015 issue – let me know what you think! 


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3 responses to “How to raise your visibility : A presence on all the platforms… but at what cost?

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  2. vincent bradbury

    Reading your post is like eating a fine, gourmet meal which also happens to be very nourishing. This analogy may have come to me as I usually read your posts while having lunch (brought from home) at work. The concepts and thoughts you present and explore are carefully considered (prepared) and of great import (quality). Always worthy of savoring by the reader. I read with a highlighter and red pen, underlining and starring all the valuable points. Often adding my own notes for new ideas and applications to my own life situations. As with any great meal, I come away feeling full, satisfied and looking forward to the next. How’s that for different ? Really, you write very well and offer a lot of value for free. One suggestion I might make, though, is that you present your material more from a position of authority rather than a sort of questioning examination of your own thoughts. I think you have it down and should feel comfortable affirming your thoughts. Keep up the great work.


    • Hello Vincent

      You always say such wonderful things it keeps me going.

      But seriously, thank you for your feedback especially about how to position the piece. I have struggled with this for a long time. It’s one of the big struggles for me (maybe for others) that you wonder if people will see the value in what you write, in having a voice, in being opinionated.

      Through the years, I have come to see that having an opinion is less about having a point of view and more about clarifying what you see, what you feel, how you reason things out. It’s supposed to be less judgement and more perspective. I notice my growth in all the years of writing simply because it’s only through writing that one can clarify thought. A lot better than conversations or any other method. You simply need to write.

      Let me kid you not that the process is hard. Some days as hard as the day you started. And the doubts never fully go away. Yet through that process, you discover your voice and work to refine it. So yes, I will take your advice and write more authoritatively from now on.

      Somehow this book comes to mine – “Getting There : A Book of Mentors”. I reviewed this book recently, authored by Gillian Zoe Segal. You can read my interview with her at

      Somehow, I think this book will really resonate with you, its my favourite book so far. There’s a preview of one chapter (my fav) which is on Anderson Cooper of AC360 fame in our Accelerate Mag’s August issue too. Sorry, not meant to be a plug but I wanted to tell you about the book.

      Have a wonderful day.


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