It starts with an idea but it needs action to come alive.

There may be a ton of ideas in your head but you can’t make all of them happen. At least, not with any success, if you decide to do it all at the same time. We glorify entrepreneurs, we glorify failure.

But all ideas take time.

To grow, to develop, to take form.

No, our biggest problem is not having ideas. Our biggest problem is doing something about it.

It starts with the idea. So, the first step is to capture all your ideas. David Allen, productivity guru and creator of the time management method known as Getting Things Done (GTD) talked about putting it all down instead of leaving it to sit in your head. I find that it works.

When you put your ideas down – no matter how loosely formed or unstructured they may be – you clear your head. You save yourself the headache of trying to remember something from an hour ago. But more importantly, I find you have the mental space to just continue with what you’re doing. The problem with leaving it in your head is that it sits there on top of every other problem you’re trying to deal with and this affects you at some level.

When I put my ideas down, I know I can get to it, I can deal with it, when I am ready.

No, our biggest problem is not having ideas. Our biggest problem is doing something about it.

Bottom line, if you are not happy right now, where you are, then it’s likely due to the fact that there’s something you need to do or resolve that you’ve not done. And it’s niggling at you and while you can spend a lot of time and effort burying those feelings that come about because of this, you can’t do it forever. Actually, you’re right, you probably can and be miserable.

Why do that?

Take charge, step forward and live the life you’ve dreamt of.

You cannot wait for someone to hand this to you, it simply won’t happen. It’s your dream and only you know it best.
You cannot wait for someday to make it happen, today is the best day to start. You’re putting it off because of fear.
You cannot live this life where you settle and take what you can get. You owe yourself more than that, so much more.
You cannot make excuses for why things are the way they are and use that as an excuse for why you continue to do what you do. That’s playing victim and you know you will never win that way.

It starts with an idea but it needs action to come alive. So what will you do about it?

Question :  Do you have an idea that you know will work but you’re just unsure about starting? Share your answer on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or Twitter or leave me a comment.

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One response to “It starts with an idea but it needs action to come alive.

  1. vincent bradbury

    Very insightful and encouraging. Thank you. Like the new header.

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