This  is a small selection of stuff I’ve worked on.


This is an interview I did with Professor Chris Roebuck who highlights the distinction between the HR business partner model and his new proactive HR Entrepreneur model. Chris argues, not for more HR savvy, but business savvy.

This is an interview I did with Dr Mark Goulston, a Los Angeles based business psychiatrist, CEO coach and international speaker who has a personal mission to “heal the world, one conversation at a time”. The author of six books, including his 1996 book, Get Out of Your Own Way (which recently reached #1 in self help books at Amazon), Mark believes that the secret to getting through to anyone lies in getting them to feel like you ‘get’ them.

Write-ups on Books and Authors

I interviewed Gillian Zoe Segal about her second book, Getting There : A Book of Mentors – why she embarked on the book and what value you will get from reading it. Highly recommended for entrepreneurs and anyone else who is trying to launch something.

Podcast Interviews

This is an interview I did with Ravi Mark Venkat, an Enterprise IT and Corporate Soft Skills Consultant. Ravi was invited on the call because he has run classes on software testing.

This is an interview I did with  Elissa Farrow, an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach who specialises in portfolio, programme, project and change management. Global Board Secretary for the Change Management Institute, Elissa was invited on the call precisely because of her background in change management.

Free Magazine Download

I ran HR Matters Magazine for eight years before it was transformed into Accelerate Magazine and then integrated as part of the Vertical Distinct publishing platform. The magazine (both) were aimed primarily at Human Resource professionals. However, the truth is, most of the topics we covered are relevant to anyone who manages, grows, leads and inspires teams and organisations.

Here are the download links to two back issues (full access) for your reading pleasure – completely free. Feel free to connect and give me any feedback you have.

Accelerate Magazine Issue 05 –  November 2015. Why HR Should Really Learn to Coach.


HR Matters Magazine Issue 26 – April 2014. Recruiting at the Speed of a Click


Articles featured on the Women of HR Website

Highlights from my LinkedIn Pulse articles 



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