Thank you

Sometimes it seems presumptious.
As in “thank you for your consideration” when you see it at the bottom of a letter asking you to get stuff done that you don’t want to do.

Sometimes it seems insincere.
As in when an HR personnel thanks you for the time you’ve taken to put in an application to their company. And then proceeds to reject you.

I don’t miss those thank yous.

Sometimes it seems that it may be easier to recall the fake thank you.
I don’t miss those thank yous.

But the thank yous I miss?
When the feedback I had given was not appreciated or wanted.
When my good but small deed went unrecognised.
When the door I held open didn’t even get a passing nod.
When I made the move before it was even requested.
When it was anticipated and attended to. Quietly.

I wouldn’t change the things I did because I would do them anyway.
But I sure miss those thank yous.

#thankyou #gratitude

Doesn’t a fake thank you bother you? What do you do about it? Please share your thoughts in the comments, as I too want to learn from you.

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I am grateful.

I see my choices. Then I see the things that I actually want to do and yet am not able to. There’s a daily battle raging internally as I reprioritise and shift things on my to-do list, responding, pleading, pleasing and chipping away.

And then a moment arrives. A special moment, one unexpected moment and everything changes. Your perspective shifts and all your earlier choices and priorities melt away. This one moment has redefined things for you.

For this, I am grateful, alongside a few other things :

1. Grateful that despite my flawed nature, I seem to be able to bounce back and to see possibilities more than the heartaches and challenges.

2. Grateful for second chances. And third chances. Fourth chances and the list goes on. For every single day that I get to do what I aim to do and yet fail, only to begin afresh tomorrow.

3. Grateful for small victories and little pleasures. They smell so sweet and perfume the journey.

4.  Grateful for opportunities I can see. Not so happy about the ones I am blinded to, but I guess ignorance is bliss. But definitely, glad to be able to seize good things when they come by.

5. Grateful for having patience, staying power and resilience. If I didn’t have these, I would not last this journey.

6. Grateful for those who can see the person I am trying to be, rather than the one in front of them.

7. Grateful for today, grateful for tomorrow.

PS pretty grateful that this habit building thing seems to be working now. Have been working on it for some weeks now and this is the first time I have posted three days in a row. Bliss.

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